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I am an out of network provider for all health insurance plans.   Most insurance networks have some out-of-network benefits, you can obtain information regarding your out of network benefits by calling the customer service number on your insurance card or checking your plan information on-line. 

Ask your insurance:

Do I have out of network coverage for behavioral health?

If yes:  Is there a deductible / how much is the deductible?

            Once the deductible is met, what is the reimbursement for 90837 (cpt code)?

            How do I submit for reimbursement for out of network services?

Psychotherapy is an investment in your overall health and wellbeing and truly impacts quality of life in so many ways.


Medicare does not provide out of network benefit reimbursement. If you have Medicare and need to use your insuranc to cover your care, you will need to work with a therapist who is in - network with Medicare.

Flexible Spending Accounts can be used to pay for psychotherapy.

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